Checks to Make Before Selecting an Outsourced Manufacturer

Outsourced Manufacturing

When it comes to outsourcing the manufacturing of your electrical products there are a number of reasons as to why you might outsource, from not having the technical expertise or in house equipment or being at capacity and needing help with a large product.

The primary driving factor behind outsourcing is of course savings. Outsourced manufacturing typically costs noticeably less than manufacturing in-house.

That being said, the decision to outsource should not be taken lightly, and there are several other important factors besides cost that need to be taken into consideration when selecting your manufacturer.


A high demand for products can come in peaks depending on the season, economy and market and a range of other factors. When outsourcing your manufacturing, you might want to start small and increase your volumes gradually.

This is why it is important to choose a manufacturer that can keep up and adapt quickly to any rise in demands. This means that when searching for a manufacturer they must have an advanced production line, a network of distribution centres and an excellent supply chain.


No one wants to spend more time or money than necessary. A good manufacturer should continuously review operations for areas that can be streamlined and where savings can be made, not only for themselves but for the customer too.

Efficiency also means ensuring processes are sustainable as possible. The manufacturer has a duty to ensure that production produces a minimal amount of waste and reduces any negative environmental impact.


If you are wanting to branch out into new markets or develop different products, it is vital to choose a company with the knowledge in the specific areas you are looking to create. Be sure to find out what services they offer, the tools and technologies they use for each service and ask about similar projects they have worked on. I


With any project there are bound to be some communication issues along the way. However, these problems can easily be solved through clear and consistent communications. Pricing should always be explained and expectations managed by realistic deadlines.

If the manufacturer shows interest in your project and enquiry — listening to any queries and addressing them promptly — this is a good sign. If communication is already poor during the initial contact stage, it may only get worse once the project begins.


One of the most crucial factors in electronic manufacturing is quality. When outsourcing electrical manufacturing it becomes hard to maintain control over quality. This is why it is essential to choose a manufacturer with impeccable quality standards — who you can trust to deliver outstanding results time and time again.

When selecting a manufacturer, be sure to check their certifications and standards, as this will give a good indication of how seriously they take their quality processes. It is also a good idea to visit their facilities if possible so that you can see first-hand how they operate.

Reputation & Transparency

It’s one thing for a manufacturer to explain how good their work is but how can they prove it? It is always best to read reviews and recommendations from past or current clients. These reviews can help demonstrate and determine how that manufacturer operates and the level of customer service you can expect from them.

Along with reputation, when you are outsourcing electronic manufacturing projects, it is best to know who is working on your projects and how qualified they are to do it. A good manufacturer should introduce you to the team handling your project and explain who will be taking care of the different stages of production.

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