Electronic Production

Electronic manufacturing

Electronics manufacturing and testing for clients in Kent and across the UK

At Saturn Solutions, we have the latest technology and machinery to design and manufacture PCB assemblies for a wide range of applications. For more details, talk to a member of our team today. 

Experts in electronic product development

With our newly set up surface mount production line, we can handle the placement of surface mount components with a footprint as small as 0201 (0.60mm x 0.30mm) and BGA devices with a minimum pitch of 1.0mm. We also have a vapour phase reflow oven to provide our customers with a surface mount PCB assembly service that is of the highest standard. We can accommodate PCB assembly for small batches at prices that are competitive. You can also get in touch with our team for large-scale manufacturing projects with component placement rates of up to 4500 parts per hour.
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Electronic production

Electronic production we specialise in

  • Conventional single-sided
  • Multi-layer
  • Plated Through (thru) Hole (PTH)
  • Surface mount
  • Flexible PCB assemblies
In addition to design and manufacturing projects, we also undertake PCB repair work.
Electronic engineers

A reliable team of electronic engineers

Our team of qualified engineers specialises in product development for all business sectors. We can design, develop, manufacture and test conventional and flexible PCBs for hardware and software development. You can take a look at our previous projects to see the work our team has undertaken. Based in Kent, we work with clients across the South of England and throughout the UK.
"Philip at Saturn Solutions has been extremely helpful. We had an obsolete, surface mount PCB failure for which we had no circuit diagrams and we had no means of easily replacing the components. From the fault description they worked out what should have failed. They were very professional and explained that they could go ahead, but could not guarantee whether repair would work. We went ahead and the repair was done expertly. Luckily for us it worked as well. A big thanks to Philip and the team for saving us from a big problem." - Les Serpant, Intercard
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The electronics engineers at Saturn Solutions are your go-to team for electronics manufacturing and product development. 
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