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Professional PCB assembly

Professional PCB assembly and circuit designs for clients in Kent

As one of the leading circuit assembly companies that serves customers from locations across the UK, Saturn Solutions has over 26 years of experience in assembling and supplying high-grade circuit boards assemblies.  We offer a full turnkey, fast turnaround service that can fulfill all your requirements.

Design method- an overview

In any product design, the first steps are to explore a market for your product and a need that it will fulfil in that market. You should then identify existing (competing) products and find a position alongside these for your new product.

When creating a specification for a new product, it is best to begin by compiling a list of requirements for the desired device or project. This will allow the designers to have a clear understanding of how the product or project is to perform. Initially, the specification will represent the product as desired, but should be refined over time to represent the product as required.

Once a specification is reached, the designer will need to take various things into consideration when creating the map for the circuit and components required, such as compatibility, orientation, specification and availability. A good circuit diagram will include as much information as possible to help the reader understand the circuit.

The details for the PCB are taken directly from the circuit diagram and are positioned and placed by the designer for the best result. Whilst the circuit diagram is designed to be readable, the PCB layout often looks very different whilst retaining the functionality. The finalised layout can then be produced in a small quantity for a prototype assembly run.

It is at this stage that tests are run on the prototypes; debug, functionality and manufacturing. The perfect partner to a good specification is a good test procedure, allowing to isolate and rectify faults, make sure of product functionality and reducing failure of the products.

Sometimes a beta test is carried out, where a small number of units are tested in the field to measure how the design will lend itself to full scale manufacturing. This process may reveal any kinks that need to be ironed out before production begins proper.

Finally, production can begin. Saturn Solutions can handle the full-scale production of products for your new product.

If you have a requirement for a product design and / or manufacture, then email us or contact us through the enquiry form and we'll arrange to come and see you. If you would like more information, please call and put your questions directly to us. We will endeavour to give you sound, confidential, free advice with no obligation to proceed any further.

Download our Design Method PDF to learn more (this also contains a handy glossary of terms)
"Saturn Solutions have been one of the finest companies I have had the pleasure of dealing with. The team is friendly, approachable, professional and innovative. Three years ago we had a vision but no way of turning it into a reality, but thanks to John, Philip and Simon plus the rest of the team, we are now about to commence production with Saturn Solutions producing key hardware and providing vital production services." - Garry Wise, Kleio Audio
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For circuit designs and PCB assembly projects across the UK, contact Saturn Solutions of Kent on 01303 248 634

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