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In the modern world, electronic devices are everywhere. Whether it’s the
smartphone you use to book cinema tickets, the card reader you use in a café or
the latest games console, the chances are part of it will be a printed circuit board
(PCB for short).

In fact, recent estimates have suggested that the global production of PCBs will
grow by over 4 per cent by 2025, with an estimated value of over 72 billion

Someone has to assemble these which is why, if you are company looking to
build or manufacture electronic devices, then it pays to choose an effective PCB
Assembly company in the local London area.

What Are Our PCB Design Services?

The process

PCB assembly is where you take electronic components and then connect them
to the tracks on a circuit board. Etchings on the copper sheet of the PCBS (also
known as traces or conductive pathways) are utilised within a non-conductive
substrate and it is this that forms the assembly before it is attached to a device.

There are three different ways that PCBs can be put together. Whatever way you
put them together, the process needs someone who can handle this carefully
and as precisely as possible.

One method is Surface Mount Assembly (often referred to as SMT for short).
This form of assembly first started in the 1960s although this technique would
go on to become more refined during the 1980s. SMT is now widely used by the
majority of manufacturers today. With SMT, metal tabs are soldered on to the
surface of the PCBs, allowing for higher circuit densities.

Plated through-hole technology (shortened to PTH) works with components that
have leads attached. The PCBs that are used for this particular technique have
drilled holes, allowing for easier assembly.
Electro-mechanical assembly (also known as box-build assembly) utilises a
number of elements such as wire harnesses, looms and moulded plastics in
order to form a complete assembly including PCBs with electronic components.

What Is PCB Design?

PCB assembly
A PCB with components mounted on is called an assembled PCB and the manufacturing process is called PCB assembly or PCBA for short. The copper lines on bare board, called traces, electrically link connectors and components to each other.

We Are Professional PCB Design Experts

Why is this process important?

While it is worth knowing the different types of processes behind PCB assembly,
it is also worth considering why this is important. It is easy to forget when you
are using an electronic device that there is a method that allows each
component to connect (both input and output). As well as this, PCBs are also
important in terms of providing a form of mechanical support for the numerous
forms of electronic components involved in a device.

However, when it comes to design it is important to recognise what will be the
most efficient and cost effective form of manufacture. Considerations have to be
made to ensure that the product will efficiently perform the task(s) required at
the same time as keeping costs to a minimum.
This is also why it is important to choose the right business to handle your PCB
Assembly in the local London area.

Efficient PCB Repairs

Authentic expertise
Experience is important when it comes to comparing the different types of
companies that offer this kind of service. However it can be difficult if you are
comparing two companies that have been running for a similar length of time.
This is why you need to consider the kind of expertise they offer. It is worth
asking who they have worked for in the past and to ask them to talk about how
their process works.
Also a good gauge of their customer service is how quickly they get back to you and the kind of response you get from the person talking to you (are they the person that is likely to be working on boards for you as opposed to a representative working from a script?)
Another important question is the kind of equipment, products and processes
that they use. This should include mounting technology, board types, conformal
coating, cleaning and so forth.

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PCB Assembly

Materials management service

As well as looking at the quality of their experience and customer service, the
company should be able to demonstrate where they source their materials from
and how effectively they utilise them. Some companies may allow you to supply
them with materials that you already have, while others may work with their
own. Additionally, some organisations may require that all products and
processes are sourced and carried out in the uk.

A good manufacturer will be able to handle all requirements quickly and efficiently.
In either case, you need to gauge whether what they have to offer suits your
particular requirements.

Why Choose Us For PCB Design or Repair?

Guaranteed quality control

When it comes to quality control, you want to know what the company will do in
order to ensure it (this should include certification such as ISO 9001 and UL
certification). Furthermore, what do they mean when they say it is
“guaranteed?” What will they do in the event that you are not satisfied?

These are all important questions that a PCB Assembly company should be able to
answer you in a way that means you feel comfortable working with them.

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Frequently Asked Questions About PCB Design

To produce a multi-layer PCB, alternating layers of epoxy-infused fiberglass sheet called prepreg and conductive core materials are laminated together under high temperature and pressure using a hydraulic press. The pressure and heat causes the prepreg to melt and join the layers together.

There are a number of different PCB designs available, varying from single sided to multi layer and flexi-rigid.  No matter what type of PCB design you require, the team at Saturn Solutions are here for you.

PCB design, also known as Printed Circuit Board Design brings electronic circuits to life.  Here at Saturn Solutions we use the latest design and layout software to ensure you receive a high quality design and product.  Our PCB design process includes combining component placement and routing to define electrical connectivity on a circuit board.

Getting a quote for PCB design from Saturn Solutions is easy, get in touch with a member of our team to discuss your requirements.  We will need some information from you including what you want from the board, the board size and if you require any special features. 

No problem, get in touch with the team at Saturn Solutions.  We have years of experience when it comes all types of PCB designs.  We will work with you to ensure you have a design that works for you, where you need it to work.

What People Are Saying

Always helpful, friendly and efficient. Quality work
Mark Cranson
16:03 04 Dec 20
Spot on, friendly, efficient, competent and competitive. It’s great to have these skills locally and to be able to speak face to face with the man who does the job.
peter keeler
05:43 24 Sep 20
We have used Saturn for quite a few bespoke software and electronic design projects over the years. It is very rare they cannot offer a solution to our requirements. We have never bothered to look else where since.
Philip Smye-Rumsby
16:36 13 Jan 20
Saturn have been a supplier to Project Procurement Services for 15 years ,which must say it all l! ,they are proactive in their work, diligent and great to work with.
Keith Nicholls
09:10 06 Jan 20
Our ROV (remotely operated vehicle aka an underwater drone) suffered some serious damage to its custom controller board and was unable to power up. The controller board was obsolete with no spares available from the manufacturer and none available on the 2nds market either. We were keen not to consign the complete ROV to the museum, but while understanding the circuits, a repair exceeded our capability in tools and experience, as the board is multi-layered and uses surface mounted devices which are not the easiest components to replace and it is pretty tightly packed out component wise.We had a positive experience right from initial contact with the team at Saturn Solutions. They listened to our problem statement, gave a realistic appraisal of the issues in the repair and ensured we understood the risks, and requested what circuit and board layout diagrams and component lists and details we had be sent to them, then agreed with us what would be done so we were all clear. The main work was done over several weeks during which time they maintained excellent communication with us.The team sourced and progressively replaced board components as agreed, followed by our own testing, and we worked with them to identify and agree what further replacements were necessary, an approach they recommended to minimise unnecessary stressing of the board during removal and replacement. With power distribution fixed the iterative replacement approach identified the need to replace the 100-pin surface mounted micro-controller located in a tight board area, which required Saturn Solutions specialists to be very precise in placement and reflow of the replacement MCU and in protecting surrounding components. This replacement step was perfectly executed.In the end we had a positive outcome with the controller board and the ROV is now working again thanks to the expertise that Saturn Solutions have in PCB repairs. They also completed several other follow up tasks on the ROV such as soldering on new motors and made sure the wiring was tidy - a nice touch - and went on to replace a previously non-critical component on a board which we had been working without, this component was truly blown and on removal a small pit was visible underneath on the board. where it had been located. This was again fixed with repairs to the board and replacing the component, restoring full functionality for us.Overall, we were extremely impressed by the staffs professionalism and experience and the well-equipped workshop and stock to hand of generic components and fast acquisition of specialist components. We certainly recommend them. In fact we are discussing the manufacture and population of several other boards for us.
Paul Ransley
22:51 18 Dec 19
Great company to deal with, Would definitely recommend
Andrew Palmer
08:26 07 Aug 19