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PCB Design In Kent

Saturn Solutions has been offering PCB Design in Kent for many years, in Kent and further afield across the county. With our newly set up surface mount production line, our team can handle the placement of surface mount components with a footprint as small as 0201 (0.60mm x 0.30mm) and BGA devices with a minimum pitch of 1.0mm. Saturn Solutions has a vapour phase reflow oven, this is we can provide all of our customers with a surface mount PCB assembly service that is of the highest standard, we take PCB Design in Kent seriously.

Not only that but our team can accommodate PCB Design and assembly for small batches that offer highly competitive prices, you can get in touch with our tram to discuss manufacturing on PCB components for large scale projects with rates of up to 3000 parts per hour. When it comes to PCB Design, PCB Repair and PCB Assembly in Kent, be sure to get in touch with our team here at Saturn Solutions.

What Are Our PCB Design Services?

If you have been searching in Kent for a professional PCB design company, then you can stop your search right here, Saturn Solutions have been providing high quality and professional PCB design services to clients throughout Kent and further afield for a vast number of years. Our team of electronic engineers boast a wealth of knowledge and expertise in PCB design, PCB repair and PCB assembly in Kent. You can be confident that we have your needs covered and your requirements will be met.

We do not mind that type of PCB layout you are looking for, our team is highly skilled and have worked with many different layouts and have the knowledge, expertise and understanding to help with any PCB design layout you are looking for. To ensure we provide customers throughout the South East with a quality service we only use the best PCB design software on the market, our team here at Saturn Solutions does not want to meet your expectations, we want to exceed them. To discuss PCB design layout with the experts, be sure to get in touch with our team today, Saturn Solutions is here to help you with all your PCB needs in Kent.

Do You Know What PCB Design Is?

PCB design, also known as Printed Circuit Board Design brings electronic circuits to life. If you are familiar with printed circuit boards, you likely know that they enable most electronic devices to function properly, they can be found in laptops, smart phones and even refrigerators as well as a number of other everyday items. Here at Saturn Solutions we use the latest design and layout software to ensure you receive a high quality design and product. Our PCB design process includes combining component placement and routing to define electrical connectivity on a circuit board.

We Are Professional PCB Design Experts

Our team at Saturn Solutions have been offering PCB design, PCB repair and PCB assembly in Kent for a number of years, and we are experts in our field. Whether you have been searching for the design and assembly of small batches of PCB boards or large scale manufacturing projects, you can be confident that our team has your needs covered. Having provided clients in Kent with high quality PCB designs at competitive prices, we have developed and grown a sterling reputation in the industry. 

As a specialist PCB design company when you are searching for PCB design near me in the South East, you can count on the team at Saturn Solutions.

Efficient PCB Repairs

At Saturn Solutions, we have been part of the electronics manufacturing industry for more than 26 years. During that period, we have gained invaluable insight on all aspects concerning PCBs and their various components. This means, irrespective of what kind of application you’re using or the type of problem you’re facing, you can rely on our highly qualified engineers to carry out a thorough inspection to find the fault and get the component repaired or replaced efficiently. Your satisfaction is what that matters to us, which is why we offer a ”no-fix no-fee” repair service.

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Needing to get in touch with Saturn Solutions? Call or email us and one of our team will be happy to assist you.

PCB Assembly

PCB assembly are also known as printed circuit board assembly this is the process of using surface mount technology or through hole to solder Printed circuit board assembly, or PCB assembly, is the process of using surface mount technology or through hole to solder components like transistors, resistors, and integrated circuits onto a bare board. A completed PCB lets you route power and signals between physical devices. Through-hole takes a little longer because it involves more human interaction with the board. Surface-mount technology is a little more advanced and is the standard for most modern products.

Circuit board parts are so small, you don’t necessarily know you’re building it wrong until you test it. Luckily, the complete electronics manufacturer will offer full functional in-house testing services.

PCB Design Costs

When you are looking for a PCB Design company, the cost involved with the project is always going to play a part in which company you choose. Here at Saturn Solutions, we endeavour to make sure that all of our PCB design costs are competitive without compromising the quality standards of our products and services. Having provided customers throughout the South East with a range of PCB Design services for a number of years now, we have an excellent reputation for the PCB Design services we provide.

Why Choose Us For PCB Design or Repair?

Whether your circuit needs to be redesigned to integrate the latest technological development or to design out components that have become obsolete, you can come to us. We have extensive experience in reverse engineering and can make the required modifications. We believe some of the reasons you should choose us for PCB design, manufacturing and repair are:

  • A wealth of industry knowledge and experience
  • Team of fully trained engineers
  • We under PCB design, repair and manufacturing
  • Our team covers both small and large scale PCB projects
  • Local company with a well-known reputation
  • Our team is always on hand to assist

Contact Saturn Solutions for PCB Design in Kent

If you have been searching for PCB design, PCB repairs or PCB assembly in Kent, Saturn Solutions is the only company you should be turning to for help. We strongly believe we should be your first and only port of call. Over the years we have worked on a vast range of projects, regularly working with small and large companies. It does not matter to us what your needs might be, we have a team of expert and professional electronic engineers. If you are in need of PCB design, repair or assembly then give us a call. We are more than happy to help. 

Alongside offering PCB Design in Kent we also offer our services in London and the South East. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About PCB Design

Here at Saturn Solutions we ensure that our PCB design costs are kept competitive.  Although they will vary depending on the level of electronics design required. Should you be looking for a quote to have a PCB system designed, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team today. 

There are a number of different PCB designs available, varying from single sided to multi layer and flexi-rigid.  No matter what type of PCB design you require, the team at Saturn Solutions are here for you.

PCB design, also known as Printed Circuit Board Design brings electronic circuits to life.  Here at Saturn Solutions we use the latest design and layout software to ensure you receive a high quality design and product.  Our PCB design process includes combining component placement and routing to define electrical connectivity on a circuit board.

Getting a quote for PCB design from Saturn Solutions is easy, get in touch with a member of our team to discuss your requirements.  We will need some information from you including what you want from the board, the board size and if you require any special features. 

No problem, get in touch with the team at Saturn Solutions.  We have years of experience when it comes all types of PCB designs.  We will work with you to ensure you have a design that works for you, where you need it to work.

What People Are Saying

Always helpful, friendly and efficient. Quality work
Mark Cranson
16:03 04 Dec 20
Spot on, friendly, efficient, competent and competitive. It’s great to have these skills locally and to be able to speak face to face with the man who does the job.
peter keeler
05:43 24 Sep 20
We have used Saturn for quite a few bespoke software and electronic design projects over the years. It is very rare they cannot offer a solution to our requirements. We have never bothered to look else where since.
Philip Smye-Rumsby
16:36 13 Jan 20
Saturn have been a supplier to Project Procurement Services for 15 years ,which must say it all l! ,they are proactive in their work, diligent and great to work with.
Keith Nicholls
09:10 06 Jan 20
Our ROV (remotely operated vehicle aka an underwater drone) suffered some serious damage to its custom controller board and was unable to power up. The controller board was obsolete with no spares available from the manufacturer and none available on the 2nds market either. We were keen not to consign the complete ROV to the museum, but while understanding the circuits, a repair exceeded our capability in tools and experience, as the board is multi-layered and uses surface mounted devices which are not the easiest components to replace and it is pretty tightly packed out component wise.We had a positive experience right from initial contact with the team at Saturn Solutions. They listened to our problem statement, gave a realistic appraisal of the issues in the repair and ensured we understood the risks, and requested what circuit and board layout diagrams and component lists and details we had be sent to them, then agreed with us what would be done so we were all clear. The main work was done over several weeks during which time they maintained excellent communication with us.The team sourced and progressively replaced board components as agreed, followed by our own testing, and we worked with them to identify and agree what further replacements were necessary, an approach they recommended to minimise unnecessary stressing of the board during removal and replacement. With power distribution fixed the iterative replacement approach identified the need to replace the 100-pin surface mounted micro-controller located in a tight board area, which required Saturn Solutions specialists to be very precise in placement and reflow of the replacement MCU and in protecting surrounding components. This replacement step was perfectly executed.In the end we had a positive outcome with the controller board and the ROV is now working again thanks to the expertise that Saturn Solutions have in PCB repairs. They also completed several other follow up tasks on the ROV such as soldering on new motors and made sure the wiring was tidy - a nice touch - and went on to replace a previously non-critical component on a board which we had been working without, this component was truly blown and on removal a small pit was visible underneath on the board. where it had been located. This was again fixed with repairs to the board and replacing the component, restoring full functionality for us.Overall, we were extremely impressed by the staffs professionalism and experience and the well-equipped workshop and stock to hand of generic components and fast acquisition of specialist components. We certainly recommend them. In fact we are discussing the manufacture and population of several other boards for us.
Paul Ransley
22:51 18 Dec 19
Great company to deal with, Would definitely recommend
Andrew Palmer
08:26 07 Aug 19