PCB design specialists

PCB design specialists for clients in Kent and across the UK

From PCB design and repair to surface mount assembly and industrial automation, we offer a range of services at extremely competitive prices. With over two decades of experience in this industry, our team has the expertise to install, integrate and modify all types of technology. If you need more details, talk to a member of our team today

Projects we are currently handling

Snap-on Equipment: - Supply and continue with development of Shark vehicle measurement system.  Formerly supplied to Blackhawk Automotive.
The Kadant Group: - Research and development of replacement electronic assemblies for motor control equipment.  We also carry out full scale production of assemblies for use in the paper production industry at the global level.

 Smye-Rumsby Ltd: - Design and production of various hardware and software products, from public address filter systems to multi-channel voice monitoring systems.

Safetime Ltd: - Design, development and manufacture of a safety device used in large scale scaffolding installations across the UK.

Medway Escalator Services: - Design, development and manufacture of a monitoring device to detect faults on escalators and moving walkways.
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"Smye-Rumsby Limited has had a close working relationship with Saturn Solutions since 2004. Having lost our in-house capabilities to produce bespoke electronic equipment, we looked around for a company that could fill that hole and Saturn Solutions have not let us down. For design, manufacture, and software they have always met our needs." - Philip Smye-Rumsby, Smye-Rumsby Ltd
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For customised PCB design in Kent and throughout the UK, call Saturn Solutions on 01303 248 634

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