Prototyping is an important part of the new product development process. Unlike market research, prototypes can be evaluated and changed to suit customer needs before a final design is decided upon. This makes prototyping a much more cost-effective way to develop products and get them into the hands of customers as quickly as possible. The benefits don’t end there! Prototypes also provide valuable feedback on how well your product will work in practice, which reduces costly changes later on in the design phase. 

Here at Saturn Solutions, we have been offering prototyping for a number of years, having a vast amount of knowledge and experience we have put together a quick prototype guide. Hopefully, this helps you understand a little bit more about them and why they are incredibly important from a design perspective.

Why Is Prototyping Important?

What is Prototyping?

If you have been asking yourself what is prototyping? It is simply an early sample of a product that has been created to test your design, concept and also the process the piece will go through to make sure it works. Prototyping is the perfect way to test a new product you are releasing or a new model, using a range of tests to determine whether or not the product will work. 

Prototyping is incredibly flexible, you can make static models to look at and see how the pieces fit together or you can make physical models you can try out and use to check they work for the intended purpose. Why run yourself to the ground trying to make the perfect final piece straight away when you can make a prototype, we specialise in electronic prototyping, such as circuit boards. If you are looking to make a new circuit board we would always recommend making prototypes first, this helps you make sure the design you have created works before making the final piece. 

PCB Design

Encourages Evolution

Prototyping has become the norm for a lot of companies in many different industries, they allow you to explore all of the possibilities when designing a new product or developing a current one. By making prototypes you are able to work with your original design and create an evolution process, enhancing and changing the product as you go. 

By giving yourself the chance to move through the motions of evolution, you can work to find and identify any problems with the first design, make modifications and also create a new refreshed prototype. This is the case for the electronic prototyping we offer here at Saturn Solutions.

Attract Investors To Your Product

When it comes to creating a new product when you decide to use prototyping as a trial and error process you are able to reach out to investors at an earlier date than if you wanted an exact final product first. This is due to having a first initial copy of your product, for example, we work with electronic boards, so you could design an electronic board and show it to potential buyers of the design before you have finalised the piece. 

This is one of the best ways to attract attention and show the product early doors and also provide a plan of evolution. This allows you to show investors that your design and plan has credibility and will work whether it be the first time or a few trial and error prints. Taking this chance with investors early on may help you get a product on the market.


Prototyping Determines Manufacturing Methods

When you have a product, whether it be an electronic PCB board or a computer, carrying out prototypes allows you to determine the correct manufacturing method for your product. Prototyping allows you to look at the materials you will need and the best way to manufacture the finished product, giving you the chance to look through finances and gain a wide understanding of the whole process. 

Design and manufacturing at present are all carried out on a large scale, bulk basis but this does not have to always be the case. Prototyping is a way to make sure your product is 100% ready to be manufactured for consumers.

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Prototypes are amazing tools that can be used to validate your idea, generate feedback from customers before you invest in the product development process, or create a physical representation of an existing digital design. If you’re looking for help with prototyping and want to learn more about how it works, contact our team at Saturn Solutions today! 

We would love to talk about what we do and see if there is any way we could work together. Offering a range of electronic prototyping we can help you get your products through the evolution stage and prototype a final design. Let us help you, call our team today.